Charles Fox

'Still Dreaming'

Still Dreaming is the second volume of Charles' poems - not illustrated but nonetheless full of his usual humour and observation of every day life and more.

Three of the poems are shown below as examples.

The book is available direct from the Author at £14.00 including P&P within the UK. (See payment details at the bottom of this page, and Contact page to place an order).

The White Horse Man

A man
In 1550
Was weeding the White Horse at Uffington.
At the end of his work
He looked up at the westering sky,
Took in the God of creation
And wondered why…

He said to himself, ‘Who am I
Who comes and weeds
And passes by?
What will
Become of this beautiful hill?
How many will walk
Through the flowers and grasses
To weed the chalk
After I die?’

Then he lay down to sleep –
And there among
The sheep’s-bit and sheep
He dreamed of distant armies fighting
He saw to the west a tsunami,
Stars on a less forested ground (we call lighting),
Vast birds in the sky,
And a thundering thing
Like a gigantic snake with smoke
Come puffing by…

And then he awoke on Uffington,
And wondered what that was and why.

The Throne Room

In our bathroom
There is a chair
About a hundred years old.
Its elegant curves
Define the atmosphere;
And as I stare
At it from the bath
I think of all the bottoms
That have sat on it.
There must have been
Mums and grannies
With held-out towels –
Or else they knit
Or knat,
Maids and nannies.

Or perhaps the chair
Was at
A dressing table
With someone
In an evening gown
Combing her hair
Before ‘going down’.

Somehow this chair
Also makes me think of
Edwardian mornings
When grates were laid
And fires were lit
And everything had its place,
And this was a chair
On which a man
Of course
Would never sit.


This morning,
Or was it night,
I awoke at four,
To the windows
And leant on
The window sill;
And even then
At that early hour
Another day
Was dawning.
I could see
The primrose
Streaks creep
Beyond the hill
To the East.

We never ask
For daily light,
But I thought
How nice of God
To perform this task
Starting the
When most of us
Were still
Fast asleep.

Still Dreaming is available directly from the author (see Contact).

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