Charles Fox

'Dream On'

The poems in this book portray Charles's love for all things natural, for people and for Cornwall. Many poems are very moving; others show a wry humour, often supported by a quick line drawing. Extracts from four of the poems are illustrated below (see also the Contents Page).

The Mysteries of the Church

When I first saw a nun
I was quite accustomed
To see blouses well endowed,
But not long concealing skirts,
Like bird cages, which are
Covered up at night,
For a bird much bigger
Than a budgerigar,
Or large bottles in a crowd
Sliding around the school ...
an illustration from 'Dream On'

  Chasing Clouds

When I die
I shall spend much time
In the clouds
Making houses there
Or sitting in a chair;
Or in funny cars
Which would      
Float around;      

And I'd look comfortably
To the ground,
And go riding on all sorts of
Animals of the cumulus kind,
Mostly dragons and rabbits,
Which I could reach outand pat;
And I'd push aside
The clouds
That hidethe
S    T    A    R    S
When I die.

an illustration from 'Dream On'

Privacy Invaded

I went back home at lunch today.
The old house, empty,
Listened to my key
Turning in the lock.
I wondered how it felt
About an interloper
Not often there
At one o'clock.

The house, so full of graces,
Seemed to let me
Raid the fridge and read the post,
Before I closed the door
On its day and the sun
Forming squares upon the floor,
And touching special places
I never see.


One cold afternoon
In November
The vicar called.

She was bringing in the washing at the time,
So he talked, and she listened
As she unpegged the clothes upon the line.
They discussed transubstantiation ...

an illustration from 'Dream On'

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Dream On - book cover